Thursday, April 8, 2010


Threeways, menage trois, threesomes, polygamous relationships. They go by many different names, but they all are one of primarily three with a possible fourth different make ups. Either mmf, mfm, ffm, or the all together rare, fmf. There are tons of erotica books out there about them, and one thing the majority of them have in common, hae, happily ever afters. But, is it really possible.
There are a few polygamous relationships out there and they are doing just fine, but think about the reality of the situation. Is it really possible? You say they are out there so why not, right? Well, break it down. First of all, you'd have three sets of families, three sets of friends, and three sets of work to answer to. Oh sure, I'm certain at first you'd stand strong, holding up to their comments and snide remarks and such, but what about further down the line.
And let's not forget jealousy, the main reason I personally don't believe they could work. Someone would always feel left out. And that's if both parties don't feel left out. Men can be jealous that's for sure, but God(s) help the man in the ffm because there's a very good reason why the phrase "hell hath no fury like a women scorned" is so popular, and so true.
So sure, we can all dream of the ever famous polygamous relationship, having two men dote over you, but in real life, nah, not going to happen.